Tornado Torus Dog Field Fencing (R19/180/5) – 50m

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Tornado Torus Dog Field Fencing (R19/180/5) – 50m

Tornado Dog Field Fence has been developed as the ultimate perimeter barrier for dog walking and exercise fields. The fence should allow owners to relax with their dogs off the lead, knowing that there are no large enough gaps for their pets to push through or low fences that can be jumped.

The 10cm x 5cm grid pattern combined with the Torus smooth knot formation makes this the most secure fence for keeping in dogs of all sizes. The 1.8mtr height will keep most dogs securely in the field.


Tornado Torus Dog Field Fencing (R19/180/5) – 50m

Whether it is for training purposes, a private exercise session or just to allow a dog to be off its lead without the worry that it may be stolen, the popularity of dog exercise, walking or training fields has exploded over the last few years.

Tornado R19/180/5 has 100mm x 50mm grid apertures that make it impenetrable for even the smallest of dogs. It is manufactured with high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate It is also suitable for any livestock that may periodically be kept in the field posts.

A standard stock fence at a metre tall is vulnerable to bigger dogs jumping over it. A fence of at least 1.5mtrs is usually recommended. At 1.8mtr tall R19/180/5 is high enough not be jumped even by large dogs.


Torus 200


  • High pressure bonded knot with no sharp edges


  • Cost-effective
  • Requires fewer intermediate posts


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Dimensions 5000 cm