Save Time and Money with a Solar Electric Fencing Solution

Are you looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions for your electric fencing needs? Look no further than solar electric fencing options. Gallagher’s advanced solar-powered energizers offer the perfect solution for remote or mobile electric fences, helping you save both time and money. Upgrade to solar electric fencing and experience the benefits of hassle-free maintenance and reliable operation.

Embrace Technological Innovations for Solar Electric Fencing

Gallagher, a trusted name in the industry, introduced the first solar devices in the 1980s, revolutionizing electric fencing. With ongoing innovation, Gallagher has made significant advancements in solar energizers, improving their reliability and efficiency. Our lightweight models, featuring lithium batteries similar to those used in mobile phones, offer exceptional longevity and reliability. Experience the convenience of easily manageable and portable solar energizers designed for frequent fence movement. Explore the Gallagher S6 and Gallagher S12, the latest solar energizers equipped with advanced lithium batteries.

Power Any Distance with Solar Electric Fencing

No matter the length of your fencing requirements, Gallagher has a solution for you. Our solar energizers can power fences ranging from 500 meters to an impressive 30 kilometers. For extended distances, consider our solar box, a robust solution that can power up to 80 kilometers of fencing. Trust Gallagher’s expertise to meet your specific solar electric fencing needs.

Reliable Performance, Even in Low Sunlight

Gallagher’s new generation of solar energizers incorporates smart technology, ensuring optimal performance even in low sunlight conditions. With the ability to function for up to three weeks without direct sunlight, our energizers provide you with a reliable and worry-free solution. Designed to be lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to install, our devices are built to withstand all environmental challenges, making them ideal for agricultural applications.

Save with Solar Electric Fencing Solutions

Investing in solar electric fencing offers significant long-term savings. While traditional battery-operated devices may seem cheaper initially, the recurring costs of battery maintenance and replacements quickly add up. By comparing annual costs over a 10-year lifespan, you can save over 50% with Gallagher’s solar energizers, such as the S40 model with an internal battery. Additionally, choosing solar electric fencing promotes sustainability by eliminating the need for yearly battery disposal.

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Assured Quality and Warranty

Rest assured that all Gallagher energizers undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and the safety of your animals. To demonstrate our confidence in our products, we provide a remarkable 7-year warranty on all Gallagher energizers. Trust the durability and performance of our solar electric fencing solutions.

Upgrade to Efficient Solar Electric Fencing Today

Discover the benefits of solar electric fencing and join countless satisfied customers who have saved time and money with Gallagher’s innovative solutions from Dickson Timber Harrogate. With our range of reliable and cost-effective solar energizers, you can enjoy hassle-free maintenance and dependable operation for your electric fences. Explore our products now and make the switch to sustainable and efficient solar power.

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