UC4 Machine Round Pointed Post – 150mm (6″)

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UC4 Machine Round Pointed Post – 150mm (6″)

The Platinum range of fencing range offers high performance machined ground contact fencing rounds with a 15 year performance warranty*.

FSC certified timbers are carefully selected for our platinum range of posts, so we can offer a choice of SPRUCE for our Incised UC4 range.

Perfect for the agricultural style of fencing. Also good for tying up young trees up and other plants that need bracing.



UC4 Machine Round Pointed Post – 150mm (6″)

Incised 15Yr Warranty

Platinum 15yrs timbers are manufactured from FSC spruce, which are kiln dried, incised and then treated with Tanalith E9000 with BARmine technologies to ground contact UC4.

Our Incised 15 year Platinum timber posts feature a scientifically designed incising process for increased protection an analytical zone of confidence. The incisions are situated at ground level, this is the most critical area where the post is at most risk of decay. The incisions allow deeper penetration of the wood preservative to provide more effective and consistent protection.

When we manufacture our warranted timbers, the machine rounded posts pass through a purpose designed incisor process that adds a ground contact band of consistent and uniform incisions at a depth of up to 6mm at ground level. The ExcaliburR incisor ensures that our posts receive a deep penetration of preservative protection that meets User Class 4, BS8417 ground contact requirements.

Manufacturing Process

  • Stage 1: Raw timber arrives on site and is stored until required.
  • Stage 2: Raw timber is debarked, the residual waste is transferred into the production of bark.
  • Stage 3: Timbers that are debarked are rounded into a uniform state using one of nine rounders we have on site. The timbers range from 50mm up to 250mm in diameter, and are also pointed at this stage.
  • Stage 4: Posts are incised at ground level to ensure consistent and deeper penetration of wood preservative into the targeted analytical zone where the post is at most risk of decay.
  • Stage 5: Posts are packed into our unique ‘50p’ format and each post is tagged with a stainless steel nail with the year of manufacture for date recognition.
  • Stage 6: Timbers are kiln dried using our state of the art biomass powered kilns, the timber is dried down to 40% moisture.
  • Stage 7: The timbers are loaded into our pressure treatment tanks and Tanalith E9000 wood preservative is forced under high pressure into the sapwood.
  • Stage 8: The machine round timbers are ready to be despatched to awaiting customers using Clifford Jones Timber fleet or one of our key haulage partners.

To register for your warranty follow this link – UC4 Machine Round Warranty Registration

Delivery available to Harrogate, Knaresborough, Wetherby, York, Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire & surrounding areas

Additional information

Dimensions 16 cm

2.1m (7ft)

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